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SNES Cheats: Pit Fighter Cheats

Playing as Ty:
To defeat Executioner: Keep pressing L and R.
To defeat C. C. Rider: Press R. If C. C. Rider falls and Ty does not put his hand up, pick up C. C. Rider and throw him down. It will take about six throws to kill him.
To defeat Angel: Use he same technique for C. C. Rider, but press R before she gets up or immediately as she is getting up.
To defeat Eddie: Since you cannot throw him, press L and R just as done when fighting Executioner.
To defeat Masked Warrior: Keep pressing L and R.
To defeat Ty: Use same strategy as Eddie.

Super move:
Press Forward, Up, A with Buzz, Ty, or Kato to pick up your opponent. Press A again to throw your opponent down and do about 40 damage. Note: You cannot do this to the Masked Warrior or Eddie.

Special ending:
Successfully complete the game with a flawless victory to everyone. If you did, you should have at least power 500. If you did not defeat everyone with a flawless victory, the ending will still be there if you have over 500 power, and no power codes.