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GameBoy Cheats: Super Mario Land Cheats

For every 100,000 points you earn as you play, you'll be able to
continue once after your game ends. For example, if you earn
300,000 points the first game, you'll be able to continue three
times. If you then continue your game, and score another 100,000
points, you'll "earn back" the continue you used. You can build
up a maximum of nine continues.

After you finish the game twice in a row, you may activate the
stage select by pressing A. The more you press A, the higher the
stage. Press Start to begin.

After you finish the game once, press any button on the Title
screen and the cursor will change from a mushroom to a Mario
face. Press Start to begin the expert level. You can play
through again having more enemies, harder enemies, and enemies
in different places.