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GameBoy Cheats: Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Cheats

Super mario for super players cheat:
First you get to level 5-1. At the very begining there will be a turle jump on him to stun him then kick him foward. Run after him holding the b button and foward. Once he kills everybody you will get a one-up. After that kill yourself and repeat the steps until you get 300,000 points. After you lose all your lives rank in and return to the main menu. There will be a Luigi head. Select it and you will have Super mario for super players!

10 Lives:
At the Menu screen, select the toy box and play the card game. Continue to play the game until you get a card with the princess on it. Now exit and start a game. You will start with 10 lives.

Switch Marios:
To become a more powerful Mario, select Boo from the main menu screen. Then when you're at the level select screen, keep pressing Select until you find the mario you want to be, such as: Super Mario or even fireball Mario!

Secret Extra Bonus Course:
To get this special Course, which is call Super Mario For Super Players, you must have scoredover 300,000 points in one set of livs without starting over again. Then, when you go to the title screen, next to Boo, there will be Luigi's head. Go to it and there you are. It has the same levels (1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4...etc.) but they are harder.

Fire power against Boo:
Once you have accessed "You VS Boo", click on Boo and in the screen where you chose a level press Select and Mario will turn into Super Mario do it again and he will turn into Fiery Mario do it again and he will turn into regular Mario Note: this also works in vs mode against a friend Pink Boo:
First, you must get to race Boo. Once you have that, race against him and beat hime at least 2 times. then, you will get to race against the green Boo. You have to beat him 2 times again to get this Boo. It's pink. I don't know what happenes after you beat him.

Level Warp:
At level 4-2, go to the right of the first falling platform (under the 3 boxes) and jump under each one of them to get the 3 hidden blocks. Use these blocks to hit the first blue block to get a beanstalk. Climb this beanstalk to warp to level 6, 7, or 8.

Yoshi's Eggs:
When you find one egg, go to the toy box and you unlocked a code to find any of the eggs.To find the first egg go to 1-1. Then, go to the two pair of steps, jump in the middle and move to the left and jump and an egg should pop up.