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Nintendo 64 Cheats: Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Cheats

Programmer's mode:
Hold L and press A, B, A, B, A, B, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right at the character selection screen. This mode allows any character to be selected, and has an overhead view of each stage.

Dr. Kiln:
Hold L and press B, C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, and A.

Secret Options:
1. Go to the Character Selection Screen
2. Hold L and press C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, B, and A.
3. There will be a flash to confirm that the code was entered correctly.
4. Push the B Button to back up and then go into the Options Menu to access the Secret Options Menu.

Sumo Santa:
Hold L and press A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, and B.

Random Characters:
Press L & R simultaneously at the select fighter screen for a random character.

Same costume colors:
Press C-Up on either controller to select any fighter at the character selection screen. Have the other player highlight the same character and allow the timer to reach zero. Both fighters will be the same color during the match.

Stage select:
Select two player mode, then press C-Left or C-Right at the screen that displays the current stage.

CPU control:
Hold L and press A(5), C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Left, B, A, C-Right at the character selection screen.

Hold L and press Up, Right, Down, Left, Right, Left at the character selection screen.

Alternate costume colors:
Press A for color scheme one or C-Down for color scheme two at the character selection screen, then press B to exit.