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Saturn Cheats: Virtua Fighter 2 Cheats

Slow Motion Replays
For a slow motion reply, hold A + B + C while "KO" is displayed.

View Credits
To see the credits, hold A + B + C + X + Y + Z during the opening FMV sequence.

Select Taunts
To selectively taunt your opponent, hold A, B or C after you've won a round.

Secret Options Menu
At the title screen, press Up 12 times, press Start, then go to the Options menu and press R twice.

Secret Movie
Immediately after defeating Dural in Arcade/Expert mode, hold Up + X + Y + Z for a cool movie.

Play Sarah’s Theme Music
To hear Sarah’s melody, hold R on controller 1 before the match begins.

Player VS. Alphabet Fighter (with Dural moves)
To fight the Alphabet fighter, complete the game and hold L+ R + X + Y + Z.

Play Jacky’s Theme Music
To hear Jacky’s melody, hold L on controller 2 before the match begins.

Play Original VF Theme Music
To hear the original melodies from VF, plug in the Stunner game gun in port 2 and load the game.

Player VS. Alphabet Fighter (with Shun-di moves)
To fight the Alphabet fighter, complete the game and hold A + Z + Up before the name entry screen appears.

Fight as Gold Dural
At the character select screen press Down, Up, Left, A + Right. You might have to highlight Akira first.

Options Plus Menu
From the Options Plus menu players, select such attributes as BGM volume, ring size, and stage select. To activate Options Plus menu, complete the game at any difficulty. Then, at the options screen, press R (2).

More Options
Beat the game with any character on any difficulty level and get the extra option screen. You can change the volume of the BGM so the sounds are a lot better, and you can stop those cheap losses (and wins) from Ring Out's by using an arena thats 42 meters wide! You also have some other options like level select, Replay length, Slow mode.

Jeffry's Teleport
When Jeffry is playing against Shun, if Shun sits down Jeffry can teleport to shun from any distance by doing the Power Bomb. This can be done on any stage.

Fight in Chicago with Jacky & Sarah
If one player selects Jacky, and the other selects Sarah, you will fight in their hometown, Chicago.

Dural Movie
To watch the Dural movie, beat the entire game without losing a round on the hardest difficulty level. The easiest way to do this is to turn "Player 1 no damage" on, and change the ring size to 48m.

Choose Characters in Watch Mode
When the cursor is over the fighter you wish to see fight, quickly press and hold L or R until the character is chosen.

Alternate Clothing During the Intro
To get different clothing in the fighting intros, go to the OPTION screen and choose VERSION 2.1. Let the game run in the title screen to see demos using the second outfits.

Fight as Dural
At the character select screen press Down, Up, Right, A + Left. You might have to highlight Akira first.

Alternate Clothes and Colors
To change uniforms, press Up + C or Up + A when selecting your character.

"Shake Your Booty"
On the character select screen pick Pai. When you see her smile hold the L and R buttons. When the announcer says the word "fight" release them.